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Maximized Portability
The Portable Butane Camping Stove is made to be transported and even includes a carrying pouch for added convenience. Carry the portable stove around on all of your camping trips and outdoor activities to cook something up quickly and easily.

Simple Operations
The set up and operation of the Mini Camping Stove is very straightforward and simple. For added ease, the camping stove can pair up to almost all single butane or butane-propane mixed fuel canisters. No need to deal with long or bulky hoses that take up room in a bag; the mini stove can attach directly to the canister!

Entertain Friends
Who camps alone? Cook for all of your friends or family with the portable camping stove. It can support an impressive 11 pounds and can hold cookware over 10" in diameter. Cooking for an overnight group has never been easier!

Weight: 17oz
Nominal power: 2800W
Ignition: Electric spark
Dimensions: 4.13" x 4.13" x 8.8"(when stored), 6.30" x 6.30" x 3.62"(during operation)
Compatible canister and fuel types: Butane/Butane-propane mix with CP type/P220 type/DOT2P type valves
Maximum weight supported: 11 pounds
Maximum cookware dimension: 10.2"in diameter

Package Includes
1 x Etekcity® Mini Portable Camping Stove
1 x User Guide

Customer Reviews

best stove so far

By Qiang Xu
This is the best camping stove I’ve had so far. Have owned alcohol stove, folding propane stove and etc. Love its size and portability and economy. Larger enough to use a 12-inch frying pan when expanded, small enough to fit in a backpack when folded. The best part is the fuel, butane burns super clean, butane canister is super cheap in Asian supermarket, 4 for $5. It’s available in most market in California. Highly recommend to everyone looking for compact camping stove.

Good, but could be better.

By Whoever
The arms are not locked in folded form to support any meaningful weight, seen often in tall camping pot or coffee maker. A tiny piece of extra metal on the end of the arm would be a nice.

Had to make heat screen and made new handle after plastic knob melted

By Casey
I mainly used this stove for 3 days camping last weekend for first time. It is very stable and solid construction. I like it very much but it has some issues.

Full review. Would recommend. Uses GASONE style canister

By shuhlann
I got this style for 3 reasons. One it’s not as top heavy as a pocket rocket. And it will take pretty much any style of pan I want to use. Frying pan for fish is what I had in mind. Cheaper fuel. Weight is 14 oz for the stove with case. fuel canisters come in at 11.7 oz. Light enough to pack. The stove fits in my 4 cup stainless cup after I gave it a very slight oval.

Fire Danger

It will probably be my main camping stove now that I know how it works. Writing this as a warning to anyone who reads this, the knob probably only needs 1/8 turn to light and will quickly go into inferno mode. The first time I used it was on a picnic table camping, gave it 1/4 turn until I could hear the gas, lit it. The flames were a lot more than I expected, they were coming out if the sides of the body, I had a fire disaster on my hands because the knob was enveloped in flames and I could not turn it off without a bad burn. After meting some items on the table and staring the table top on fire I got it onto the ground, tried to smother it with a grill top, no good. Finally ran over to the fosset with my 5 gallon bucket filled it and put out the flames with the water, then was able to turn off the now melted valve. Good thing I didn’t try it out in the house or on the deck I probably would have had to turn off the valve and deal with the burns.

works very nicely and is a solidly built

By raven
very well made stove. works very nicely and is a solidly built. uses 227 gram canisters. i was able to buy for 4 canisters for 6 dollars. the “pocket rocket” type stoves use a 230 gram canister that sell for 10 dollars or more. the butane fuel heats the stove very quickly and boils water quite quickly. over all can’t think of anything bad to say. would definitely buy again and would also recommend for anyone that needs a light solid stove. have added pictures of the fuel can type i use.

Definitely a good purchase for the price

By Matthew Simpson
Definitely a good purchase for the price. The ignition system is an added bonus and is SUPER convenient, especially in harsh winds. The stove sits low enough to put a piece of aluminum around it to guard the flames from the wind. There is really only one setting: high. Even a small twist of the knob is enough to get a very hot flame going (but I guess that’s all you really need on the trail). Even though it is constructed out of stainless steel, the combustion and heat gets at the metal very quickly. This is really only to be expected of stainless steel grades at this price range. You’ll start to notice a browning on the metal after a couple uses. It will last you through water exposure, however. Great purchase for the price.

Very good camp stove. Cheap fuel, compact, stable. Just one minor flaw you can fix yourself.

By matt w.
Excellent camp stove. I prefer the design of this one to the ones that sit on top of the fuel canister. I bought a second one after I used it the first time. I wanted to make sure it was reliable. I was very happy with the performance. It gets hot fast. With the canister attached, it it pretty stable since it has a low profile and the weight of the canister make it heavier. The overall build quality is very light, but very serviceable. I have warmed water in a camp pitcher as well as boiled water for dry food pouches on this little stove. it did not rock too much even at full boil.

Works great! So far I’ve only used it a few …

By Jen
Works great! So far I’ve only used it a few time over the weekend but it has been good to me so far. Small and easy to set up/put away. I put a 4 quart saucepan 3/4 full of water on medium heat- it boiled in about 4 minutes. Super quick. I followed the advice of others and picked up the fuel canisters at my local Asian store- I got a 4 pack of them for about $7. Definitely much cheaper than the Amazon price. I also saw them at my local Ace Hardware and at Gander Mountain but for slightly more expensive than the Asian store but for those in a less ethnic region that might be an option as well.