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Enhance Your Roasting Experience Now! – Are you still not ready for the summer camping experience?
– Are you bored of your old, ordinary design roasting stick?
– Does your roasting experience is negatively affected by heat and flames?
– Do you have a hard time to transport or store your old roasting sticks?

If So, KAR-MA Roasting Sticks are Exactly What You are Looking For! – High Quality materials used to produce these sticks is exactly what sets apart KAR-MA's marshmallow roasting sticks from other sticks and ensures long lasting useful life. Telescopic part of each roasting stick is carefully integrated and connected by using highest testing standarts.
– 34.5 inches (handle included) extandable stick is combined with heat resistant wooden handle to prevent you from any flames or heat while enjoying your cooking experience!
– Extraordinary design will help to distinguish yourself from your friends and will level up your cooking experience to even higher level. Wooden handle of a roasting stick has an integrated switcher which will help to change marshmallow cooking side with a single finger touch!
– Compactable size of a KAR-MA roasting stick will allow easy and efficient transportation and storage.

KAR-MA has Fulfilled Hundreds of Customer Needs – It's Time to Fulfill Yours Too! – For Old-fashioned roasting experience, use these KARMA Marshmallow Roasting Sticks (4 sticks per unit).These extendable roasting sticks provide safe and pleasant way to cook everything you wish, including hotdogs and vegetables!

Light Up Your Fire and Enhance Your Roasting Experience Now!

Customer Reviews

KARMA Marshmallow Roasting Sticks make roasting around the campfire easy!

By Gary Ambrose
Prior to purchasing this product I was always one to go out into the woods and find the straightest stick I can find, clean off all the bark, sharpen it and roast my marshmallows/hotdogs/whatever. Now that I am no longer young, I must say that I really appreciate these telescoping roasting sticks! They have a nice 3 foot length when extended, which is plenty to allow you to stand a safe distance from the campfire. The forks are semi sharpened so you can easily pierce your marshmallow, hotdog, sausage or anything else you want to roast over the fire. The nice thing is that with the double fork, you can actually roast 2 things at once. The roasting sticks are well built and so far after a camping trip and several uses around the fire in the backyard, they seem to be holding up nicely. The handle is easy to hold and feels natural in your hand. I will definitely be recommending these to my family and friends who camp and cookout in their backyards. I am very excited to have received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own and no other compensation was provided.

Great Quality, Compact Storage

By Natalie P.
I am impressed with the overall quality and function of the KARMA Marshmallow Roasting Sticks! You will recieve 4 sticks thay have a quality wood handle to keep your hand cool. The telescopic metal core colapses for easy, compact storage and can be extended to reach a total 34.5″ from handle to tip, keeping you a safe distance from the fire. The sharp tips have removable little red covers on them so to the ends won’t pierce anything, making them easy to toss in with your gear. I have included pictures for reference.

Premium quality marshmallow roasting sticks by KAR-MA

By this is me
I’m blown away with these Marshmallow Roasting Sticks by KAR-MA. I’ve never tried something like this before. I’ve always used a stick from outside or a regular ole fork. These marshballow forks are perfect for outside and indoors. My grand daughter and I used them indoors and had a blast. She is 7 and with my supervision, she was able to hold the marshmallow fork because of the long extension these forks provide.

A must have for your camping trips

By JenZ
Oh these are great! I have 4 little ones and so the fact that these came in a 4 pack is awesome! I like that they extend to a long length. It takes some of the worry out of letting a 4 year old roast his own marshmallows. If you have little ones that have to do everything themselves knows what I’m talking about. These are heavy duty but still light enough for even the smallest camper to use on his own. We always have roasting forks with us and have tried almost every different brand or style. These by far are the easiest to use and the best ones we’ve owned. I will definitely be adding more of these to our camping gear.

Fairly well designed roasting sticks.

By snappymouth
My greatest wish is that the prongs were close enough together to fit one marshmallow across both – to keep it from spinning around as the insides start to cook. I also keep losing point protectors, wish they had them joined together so they’d be harder to lose. Other than that – love! They extend and contract wonderfully, stay cool and are easy to clean.

The KIDS LOVE them!!!

By Jennifer Boyer
I live in a rural area and we often find ourselves making a fire and letting the kids roast marshmallows, hot dogs, etc. A few problems that I would say were the most aggravating that we’ve encountered in the past with similar products were: the handles getting hot, the sticks being too short, and the fork ends not being long enough which makes the kids lose their food. These roasting sticks take care of all 3 of those issues! The wooden handles protect your hands, the telescoping stick allows you to make it the perfect length, and the fork ends are a good length and are spaced apart nicely. My favorite feature is something I had not really thought of before, and it is that you can turn the entire stick by moving the circle at the end of the handle. The kids loved it! They didn’t fight over who wanted which roasting stick because they all wanted to use these this time and I’m sure that is how it will be from here on out. I’m surprised they didn’t have me write their names on them yet! If you are a camper, or you just hang out around your backyard fire pit, you will not be disappointed with this great product. I did take pictures of the kids using them but they didn’t turn out so next time we use them I will be adding pictures to this review. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and that is exactly what I have written. I hope my review helps you!

Just what I was looking for.

By Beach Girl
Just arrived with prime shipping. (Gotta love Prime.) Haven’t put them to the test yet but these seem very sturdy and really well made. I bought them for roasting hotdogs, veggies and marshmallows for camping but we’re sure to use them at home for roasting marshmallows as well over our fire pit. I’m excited to try them out. They extend really far which is fabulous and I love the turning disc at the handle which you can spin with your thumb as opposed to having to spin the whole stick with both hands. Not a huge deal breaker but an added bonus/nice feature.

Great gift for camping family!

By Gail D.
I purchased these as a gift for my daughter and she seems very pleased with them. I noticed they were well made and they arrived on time. As a new camper she was very pleased to get them and has used them many times already. She said they seem very sturdy and easy to clean. Even her 3 year old grandchild (with supervision of course) could use them safely due to how much the extend and how sturdy they are…Thank you KAR-MA.

It works just as promised!

By E. Kleen
Fantastic for young and old! We had Smore time and sausages with our grandsons, ages 1-5 and all of them could hold those sticks, no more hot fingers, and the best, the turning ability! Roasting nicely all around, highly satisfied with this product!

but I think that he will like them because of the telescoping feature

By Amazon Customer
bought these for my daughters boyfriend who loves to go camping, etc. They are for Christmas, so he doesn’t have them yet, but I think that he will like them because of the telescoping feature. I’m thinking of getting some for us too…..!