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Enhance Your Roasting Experience Now! – Are you still not ready for the summer camping experience?
– Are you bored of your old, ordinary design roasting stick?
– Does your roasting experience is negatively affected by heat and flames?
– Do you have a hard time to transport or store your old roasting sticks?

If So, KAR-MA Roasting Sticks are Exactly What You are Looking For! – High Quality materials used to produce these sticks is exactly what sets apart KAR-MA's marshmallow roasting sticks from other sticks and ensures long lasting useful life. Telescopic part of each roasting stick is carefully integrated and connected by using highest testing standarts.
– 34.5 inches (handle included) extandable stick is combined with heat resistant wooden handle to prevent you from any flames or heat while enjoying your cooking experience!
– Extraordinary design will help to distinguish yourself from your friends and will level up your cooking experience to even higher level. Wooden handle of a roasting stick has an integrated switcher which will help to change marshmallow cooking side with a single finger touch!
– Compactable size of a KAR-MA roasting stick will allow easy and efficient transportation and storage.

KAR-MA has Fulfilled Hundreds of Customer Needs – It's Time to Fulfill Yours Too! – For Old-fashioned roasting experience, use these KARMA Marshmallow Roasting Sticks (4 sticks per unit).These extendable roasting sticks provide safe and pleasant way to cook everything you wish, including hotdogs and vegetables!

Light Up Your Fire and Enhance Your Roasting Experience Now!

Customer Reviews

So good it was stolen

 on August 19, 2016
By B. Anderson
So good it was stolen. When my dudes go desert camping, it is usually on me to provide dinner. I bring hot-italian chicken sausages, fine-chopped onion and jalapeno, sour kraut, mustard. That is it. No other options. It is called the desert dog.

These were a hit!

 on September 8, 2016
By Kathy J.
These things were a hit on our Labor Day camping trip! Everyone in our group waited for a chance to use them because they have such a long reach, but are sturdy. One note, I learned the hard way not to let them soak in water. The telescoping tubes of the handle will fill with water. I ended up having to have them stand on end in the sink for 24 hours to make sure they drained. I don’t want them to rust. Next time I will just soak the “business end” that got sticky from marshmallows rather than handle and all. Other than that they are very well made!

Just what I was looking for.

 on August 8, 2015
By Beach Girl
Just arrived with prime shipping. (Gotta love Prime.) Haven’t put them to the test yet but these seem very sturdy and really well made. I bought them for roasting hotdogs, veggies and marshmallows for camping but we’re sure to use them at home for roasting marshmallows as well over our fire pit. I’m excited to try them out. They extend really far which is fabulous and I love the turning disc at the handle which you can spin with your thumb as opposed to having to spin the whole stick with both hands. Not a huge deal breaker but an added bonus/nice feature.

A good product, I dig the telescoping abilities and the …

 on May 24, 2017
By Amazon Customer
A good product, I dig the telescoping abilities and the wooden handles are a plus, bit they seem less than rigid at full extension, but what is really. I like them and look forward to putting them through their paces soon! A darn good price!

Fairly well designed roasting sticks.

 on April 27, 2016
By snappymouth
My greatest wish is that the prongs were close enough together to fit one marshmallow across both – to keep it from spinning around as the insides start to cook. I also keep losing point protectors, wish they had them joined together so they’d be harder to lose. Other than that – love! They extend and contract wonderfully, stay cool and are easy to clean.

Perfect for smores night!

 on March 12, 2016
By mom o'twins
Perfect for roasting marshmallows and keeping a good distance from the fire. (We have “s’mores night” on the 8th of every month (my son’s idea), and I’ll admit, part of why I’m reviewing this is to advertise that and fulfill our dream of it catching on nationwide.) The handles are slightly loose, but they seem to work fine.

Great Design

 on March 10, 2016
By aaron4858
I was well please with the design and quality of these roasting sticks and at such a good price. I would definitely recommend these to anyone for camping or any other time they are roasting hot dogs, marshmallows or vegetables over a fire. Safe and easy to use. Wood handle to prevent burned fingers. The handles are loose so you can use the black plastic knobs at the end of the handle to rotate the food with minimal effort.

Better than expected!

 on September 27, 2015
By Stephanie T Lundeen
These are nice! They are sturdy, large enough to fit comfortably in an adults hand, and long enough to keep my kids from catching fire while roasting. Although we haven’t tried it yet, they seem fully capable of hot dog roasting as well. The tines are thick, with little removable plastic bits to cover the sharp ends, which is a great feature for packing and again for avoiding injury to the kids. Anyway, you probably figured this out from the five stars, but I would definitely recommend these.

It works just as promised!

 on February 8, 2016
By eLISAbeth Kleen
Fantastic for young and old! We had Smore time and sausages with our grandsons, ages 1-5 and all of them could hold those sticks, no more hot fingers, and the best, the turning ability! Roasting nicely all around, highly satisfied with this product!