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The Urban Climber Magazine Editor's Choice Award winning Cruzers are minimalist performance casual shoes that live happily in the gray area between rock shoes and approach shoes. With a pair of Cruzers equipped with high friction TRAX rubber, you can scramble up granite slabs, or clip them on your harness when climbing a classic multi-pitch route and cruise down sketchy descents in comfort. You can kick back around the campfire in slipper mode or wash up and head out for a night on the town wearing your clean designer jeans in style.

Customer Reviews

Very good, espadrille-like approach shoe

 on April 4, 2017
By Christopher Nieman
Nice, light, very low profile approach shoe. I was basically looking for a shoe with the flexibility of a martial arts shoe, with espadrille-like uppers, but with a more substantial, athletic sole.

Love those shoes In fact

 on November 11, 2016
By Sir Racha
I bought my first pair of these shoes 4 years ago and still have them! holes and tears and all and theyre still going strong. Love those shoes

Highly Recommended Great Shoes! Fit Perfectly. Look Good With Almost Anything. Comfortable, nice and snug.

 on January 21, 2016
By RedBird
I love these shoes! Very comfortable and go well with almost anything. The collapsible back is a great feature, slip ons are just nice sometimes. The big black front protection is great to protect toes and the shoes themselves, but it can be a little unsightly. They fit exactly as they should at 11.5 US. They have a nice snug fit to them which I prefer in shoes like these. They are better for your feet than tennis/basketball shows with all their padding and “arch support” Close to barefoot shows but with some extra protection and support.

I cannot recommend them enough

 on February 17, 2017
By Amazon Customer
These shoes have literally changed my life. I have extremely long, narrow feet and because of that I had resigned myself to a life of never being able to wear shoes without socks, and never finding slip-on shoes that actually stayed on my feet. I have barely taken these shoes off since getting them, and I have already done a short hike in them — sockless! I cannot recommend them enough. I was super skeptical with them being “unisex”, because as a woman with seriously narrow feet, I can barely get women’s shoes that are narrow enough, but the laces make them so adjustable that it works out perfectly. My SO (male) actually has the exact same shoes, and they fit his wide feet perfectly too! I think they must be magical.

These shoes are so good I bought 2 pairs

 on March 16, 2015
By Boulder Bill
These shoes are so good I bought 2 pairs. The first pair I got in a size 10.5 since that’s the size of my Vans and Chucks but they were much too tight, even tighter than my climbing shoes. So I bought another pair in size 11.5 and they fit really well. I’ve had them for a few weeks but I’ve used them for everything. I’ve worn them on a camping trip last week and they performed well for that. I mostly use them for route setting at the climbing gym I work at and it’s nice having a pair of shoes that fit comfortable and can be used somewhat for climbing. They aren’t a great climbing shoe, but I can climb any 5.10 in them no problem. They are pretty stylish too, I wore them on a date when I first got them and they were still clean. The other pair that was too small for me fit my friend pretty well so I just gave them to him and he seems to like them as well. I’ll probably end up buying amother pair in a few months.

If you wear them for what they are, they’re excellent!

 on April 7, 2015
By H. Schatz
After reading many reviews on many different websites about sizing and comfort, I finally went with the “true to size” argument and ordered these in a men’s 8 (I typically wear a women’s 10). Inside the shoe it says they are a men’s 8, women’s 9. Not sure what Evolv is thinking there, but universally men’s shoe sizing is 2 sizes down from women’s. I found them to fit as I wanted them to– comfortably snug.

These shoes look great and are very comfortable but are not the best outdoor approach shoes

 on August 16, 2017
By Zachary Bucher
I really like these shoes and at the price I would easily buy them again but they are not approach shoes unless your walking to the gym. They are very comfortable and I’ve walked in them in numerous miles on pavement but the first time I tried to take them on rock and dirt they felt too fluid on my feet. The canvas is very comfortable and it conforms to the foot well but once you put pressure on it from certain angles your foot will move in the shoe as it stretches. This isn’t the best feeling when you’re on a steep approach and I stopped wearing them after my first trip.

Looks neat, lightweight approach/walk off shoes

 on March 18, 2017
By sherbert
I purchased this in size 4 men’s (which they say is size 5 women’s, but 35.5 EU) and size 5 women’s (which they say is size 35 EU) but the men’s is smaller than the women’s and fits better for me. I have really small feet and considering I am at the very bottom of the size spectrum, if the shoes “run large” then I’m out of luck. Luckily the men’s fits smaller than the women’s. It could even be better smaller (I wear a 3.5 men’s/5 women’s in Brannock) but I think it is true to size for men’s.

Better than all the barefoot runners out there.

 on September 8, 2013
By cynicusmaximus
My initial purchase of these shoes ran a size small, but getting them traded out was no problem. I will say that you can tell this shoe was made by a climbing company. The shoe is perfect without socks but a little snug with even the thinnest summer weight athletic socks. I don’t climb much but I do jump rope in them and walk in them a great deal. The insole is interesting because it has a long arch that almost feels like a pair of Chacos. I can wear these all over the parks and forests around east Tennessee without feeling the usual aches and pains of a typical minimalist shoe. I wouldn’t go traipsing down the AT with an extra thirty or forty pounds on my back but if you have decent ankles, this is perfect as a day hiker or an approach shoe.

WAY too narrow for natural feet.

 on May 19, 2015
By Jose A.
I walk around barefoot everywhere, and wear shoes only when I have to. My all-time favourite shoes are the New Balance Minimalist TR10 Trail Runners, and I own 4 (almost dead from constant outdoors use) pairs of those. My feet are extremely wide, strong, and I have fantastic arches; so when I buy shoes I look for 3 things: COMFORTABLE, MINIMAL, DURABLE.