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Skateboarding – Attitude and Lifestyle

In 50 years since its appearance, skateboarding has become a good reason to move for many people living in urban areas and, at the same time, it became a lifestyle. It’s definitely a street sport meaning for its fans movement, attitude, and a mean of self-expression. Skateboarding is also breaking free, doing inventive tricks, and riding in any way the skateboarder may want. No rules, just skills and freedom to move and show other people who you are.

At the beginning, the skateboarders made the skateboards themselves. Big popularity of skateboarding among kids, teens and young brought on the market not only a wide choice of skateboard types, but also a huge variety of skateboard decks designs.

The types of skateboards differ in lengths and concave depths. There are long and short skateboards and the decks are of different shapes. It has to be concave for performing different tricks.

Traditional skateboards, the most common type used for tricks, are generally shorter than 33 inches. Longboards are usually over 35 inches and are mainly used for cruising only.
Most skateboards are made of wood. Less expensive skateboards are made of plastic, fiberglass or aluminum.

Skateboard Decks Designs

Cool Skateboards – Freedom of Self-Expression

Skaters have their own way to move and also their own way to carry the skateboard. The deck design is the main piece of the whole outfit. The deck style and design has not only to match the other pieces of the outfit, but also it has to convey a message. It tells a lot about the person who carries it, about his/her preferences, mood, likes and dislikes, personal style and attitude.

Every skateboard needs to be different because every skateboarder IS different. Skateboarders move in their own style. Each of them has his own voice standing out from the crowd.

The outfit should follow. The skateboard itself and all the accessories (shoes, t-shirts, caps, goggles) express the skateboarder’s attitude, personality, beliefs or mood.

The skateboard deck is a very important element in the picture. It is a way of telling other people WHO you are. Because skateboarding is more then a sport, it is a way of socializing, of helping other people to perform better and of going beyond the limits.

A lot of brands developed around skateboarding: Alien Workshop, Blind, Cape Fear, Aesthetics, Origin, Outlook, Firm, DNA, Zero, and many more.

There are also shoe brands such as Ethnics, DC, Osiris and wheels brands like Bones, Powell, Spitfire.

Skateboarding is becoming more and more popular, and more accessible to everyone.

There is a very wide choice of skateboard deck designs, skateboarders having also the possibility to make customized decks at affordable prices.

Let’s go a little bit through a few styles of designs.


Vintage Style Skateboards

You are nostalgic, or a history fan or, maybe, you just like the old style… Vintage designs remind about good times, aren’t they?… A vintage skateboard tells other people that you are valuing tradition or, simply, reminds them of childhood.

Self-Expression vs. Uniformity
Let Your Skateboard Speak For You!

Industrial revolution brought people comfort and convenience. Overall, people start to experience an easier and pleasanter way of life. But, like everything which is stress less, it ended in boredom. All products surrounding us became uniform. No differences for the sake of big quantities’ efficiency.

And then came the information revolution. Now everybody wants to express himself. Customized products are now wanted. No more uniformity! We hate standard products and services. We like to put our money for things made for us, only for us. We want to feel free and show to everybody who we are.

Monsta skateboard

Skateboards For Girls

Girls skateboarders have their own style too. Own style of moving and of showing something about their selves through their skateboards decks. Romantic, sophisticated, fancy, elegant, active, trendy, masculine… Whatever you think you are and whatever you feel like you are.

When the Skateboard Talks About Our Mood and Feelings

Images of places which make us feel in a certain way. Atmosphere reminding us of past or of a wish or just representing our style, ourselves. Our preferences tell other people who we are and gives us the feeling of belonging. Aspiration or nostalgia?

Funny Skateboards
Skateboarding As a Way of Socializing

Irony, self irony or just joking, making other people laugh or smile. It is inviting others to talk, to socialize. Tell people you want to communicate, to find some common interest or topics to talk about

 Graffiti Skateboard Desks
Freedom Of Expresion

Graffiti was adopted by designers as an original style after it had been born on the streets. Like skateboarding, graffiti is an expression of the desire of breaking the urban uniformity. Graffiti design is probably the most appropriate for skate decks .

Graffiti theme matches perfectly the ‘spirit’ and the meaning of skateboarding lifestyle.

Cool Skateboards For Kids
Kids Special Designs
cool skateboard  decks are the perfect mean to convey a message about yourself and communicate and make friends friends. Kids are no exception. They also want to be cool, to show their preferences and to share their passions with their friends.

Skateboarding is for kids an opportunity to build self confidence, spend their time moving and socialize. They chose deck designs with their favorite characters – Batman, Spiderman, Barbie – , movie themes designs or other elements such as dragons, cars or princesses, and funny designs.

Skateboards For Kids
Cool Kids Decks Which Could Be Customized With Their Name

Dragons Deck Skateboards For Kids And Teens

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